what to do when a tooth breaks

What to do when a tooth breaks

A cracked or broken tooth is a dental emergency since it’s a serious issue which needs urgent attendance from a dentist, apparently within 24 hrs.

What to do right after your tooth breaks?

You can take some pain relievers for discomfort. You can get some prescriptions from nearby medical centers or medical specialists of pain relievers which will prevent swelling. Use cold water to rinse your mouth well then try to stop bleeding which should not exceed 5-10 minutes. It’s not also advisable to apply pain medications directly on your gum since it can cause harm to the gum. Be careful with the foods you are taking since the broken tooth may have a sensitive exposed nerve.

Foods that you should avoid

There are some types of foods which you are supposed to avoid such as;  

  • Cold beverages  
  • Acidic soda  
  • Nuts which can get stuck in the broken tooth  
  • Extremely sugary foods which increase tooth decay.    

If swelling, you can apply ice or pass cold stuff in intervals along the broken tooth.    

Use the other side of your mouth while chewing to avoid tampering with the injured part or the broken tooth. Chewing with the affected side will add bacteria and also add more pain to the broken tooth. 

Treatment for broken tooth

There are different treatments of several types of tooth breaks and cracks;  

what to do when a tooth breaks

Cracks that are minor or minor cracks

This is not that serious, but the dentist may politely polish the area to remove any tough spot.      

A chip

This may not require a serious treatment, but the dentist may require filling it up to make it feel and look even better. The dentist may polish the chipped area to prevent it from getting worse.      

A decayed break

In most cases, a decayed break is serious because it has already affected the nerve. Therefore, a dentist will recommend it to be removed.

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