trouble breathing through nose

Trouble breathing through the nose

A blocked nose is a typical ailment that can span from a gentle discomfort to a much agonizing condition. Establishing the reason for your blocked nose is fundamental to coming up the right treatment plan and making you breathe regularly. Find out the cause of your difficulty in breathing and seek the right treatment.

Here are some reasons why you have trouble breathing through the nose.    

One cause could be that you have allergies. Allergens like pollen and mold can cause irritation to the airways in your lungs or cause a runny nose. They may also lead to inflammation of the sinus lining which may result in trapped mucus causing a decrease in airflow. This can also activate an asthma attack.    

trouble breathing through nose

Collapsing of the nasal valves can also trigger difficulties breathing through the nose. These are the external and internal valves located at the tip of your nose. Collapsing of these valves can be caused by a weak or wrongly placed outer wall of the nose.    

Another cause could be a defect in the position of the nasal septum, the cartilage that splits the nose into two. A deviated septum is bent, resulting in a hindrance of one or both sides of the nose. This interferes with the normal flow of air through the nose. A deviated septum can result from a nose injury or be a condition from birth.    

Swollen nasal polyps is another condition that can make you have trouble breathing through the nose. Such lumps of swollen areas on the nasal lining can cause a blockage of airflow if they are large enough. The swelling results from inflammation during sinusitis.     

Difficulties breathing through the nose is a common condition among individuals. If you experience too much discomfort due to a blocked nose, it is advisable to seek consultation with a doctor. This will help you determine the cause and establish the best form of treatment.

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