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Tooth Trauma and Injury

Tooth trauma and injuries can be restored with the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures with the help of highly knowledgeable and most reliable dentists, check them here on this website, There are many causes as to why a person may find themselves in this situation – sports or car accident. A fall or even something as usual as biting down on solid foods can result in a cracked, broken, dislodged or tooth trauma.


Cracked Teeth

You may not immediately be aware that a tooth is cracked. Although people will often experience pain randomly when chewing or from hot and cold food and drinks. Pulp damage is commonplace when the tooth cracked. If it is not restored with a crown or veneer, sooner rather than later, an infection can set in. This can mean root canal treatment will be necessary. If left too long the tooth may need to be extracted. Even so, cosmetic dentists can offer several options if this should occur. Cosmetic dentures and dental bridges look much more natural and are far more comfortable nowadays. However, dental implants are being used more and more within cosmetic dentistry.


Chipped Teeth

Even if the pulp is undamaged chipped teeth often have sharp edges which cut the oral tissues. In addition, they can ruin the aesthetics of a smile. A cosmetic dentist can repair the damage with a tooth colored filling or dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are frequently used within cosmetic dentistry today. They look extremely natural and are more durable than ever before when applied by an experienced cosmetic dentist.


Dislodged Teethtooth injury surgery treatment

If a tooth is dislodged it needs to be repositioned as well as stabilized. The sooner this’s accomplished, the more likely it’s to stabilise. Adults will often need root canal treatment if the tooth is dislodged to ensure this happens.


Avulsed Teeth

If a tooth is knocked out to seek help immediately because a cosmetic dentist might be able to save the tooth – two hours maximum. Do not touch the root but do try to wash the tooth gently and replace it into the socket. Hold it in place by biting down on gauze. Do not use cleaning agents or tap water or saline solution. If you cannot replace the tooth put it in milk or saline solution or hold it underneath your tongue. If you can get to a cosmetic dentist within thirty minutes and the tooth has been preserved well the chance of it being re-implanted are good.

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