Slightly Chipped Tooth, What To Do To Fix It?

What is the remedy for a slightly chipped tooth? A slightly chipped tooth is caused by falling, car accidents or by biting on the hard stuff. If you have chipped your tooth, you should see a dentist and ask for a treatment. As advised by this dentist in North Richmond, a slightly chipped tooth should not be taken lightly because it will lead to risking your dental health.


Slightly chipped tooth

The strength of enamel, the hardest part that covers your teeth, has its own limits. When you fall, bite down hard stuff or gets a strong blow, it will cause your tooth to obtain a slightly chipped tooth or a serious chipped tooth. If you have a slightly chipped tooth, you will feel no pain until you eat or drink something cold or hot. Also, a slightly chipped tooth is the most common dental injury and can be easily treated. If you detected and treated it early, you will have no risk of acquiring a tooth decay or any infection in the future. And also, if you treat it early, you will not have to suffer from tooth sensitivity or even be less confident in public.

When you have a slightly chipped tooth, the best thing to do is to visit a dentist and get it treated. As if you left it untreated, it will lead to tooth decay or even do a huge dental procedure. And together with you treating your slightly chipped tooth, dental care is also a must since dental care will further protect your slightly chipped tooth and whole teeth from the risk of getting infections.



Having a slightly chipped tooth can be troublesome and can risk you to tooth decay or any infection if left untreated. It also unavoidable, but one thing you can do is how to prevent it from happening to you. Here are some of the common causes why you get a slightly chipped tooth.

  • When you bite down on hard stuff, such as hard candy or ice, is one of the causes of a slightly chipped tooth.
  • Also, one of the causes of a slightly chipped tooth is when you are involved in a car accident or if you fall.
  • When you play contact sports without using a mouth guard is also one of the causes of a slightly chipped tooth.
  • One of the causes of a slightly chipped tooth is when you grind your teeth while you are sleeping.



A slightly chipped tooth can be unnoticeable if it is not in front of your mouth. And knowing the symptoms, you will be able to assessed and treat it to a dentist and will not risk yourself from any infections. Here are the symptoms of a slightly chipped tooth that you should take note.

  • One symptom that you should take not is when you will feel an irritation on your gum that surrounds the chipped tooth.
  • When you run your tongue on your tooth, and you will feel a sharp surface, then you have a slightly chipped tooth.
  • There is an irritation on your tongue when you run it on the surface of the affected tooth.
  • One indication that you have a slightly chipped tooth is when you bite, you will feel pain on your tooth. And the pain can be intense when it near or expose the nerves of your tooth.



The treatment of a chipped tooth varies depending on the severity, symptoms, and the location of the tooth affected. But, you should still seek a dentist’s assessment and treatment as early as possible to prevent you from further damaging your tooth or from any infections. As for the slightly chipped tooth, it can be easily treated by dental filling or bonding.

The filling can be recommended to you by your dentist if the chipped tooth enamel is just a small piece. Your dentist will fill into the gaps of the chipped tooth using various dental tools, and it’s all good. After the filling procedure, your dentist will recommend to you the dental care you need to do for the recovery of your slightly chipped tooth.

While bonding will be used to you when the affected tooth is at the front of your mouth and visible when you smile. Bonding is a simple treatment, wherein your dentist will use tooth coloured resin to the affected tooth and harden it by ultraviolet light. Also, bonding doesn’t need your dentist to numb your teeth to do the procedure. Together with proper dental care, bonding can last up to ten years.


Other Treatments

As it is said that treatment of a chipped tooth can vary depending on the severity, symptoms and the location of the affected tooth. Here are some of the other treatments that your dentist can recommend to you.

  • Tooth reattachment
  • Porcelain veneer
  • Dental Onlays

If you have a chipped tooth, call or use your dentist’s online booking platform as soon as possible.

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