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Everything You Need To Know About Single Tooth Dentures

You may had some accidents in the past which made you lose some of your tooth, you have the choice to replace it with tooth implants, which is quite expensive or you can try out the cheaper option, partial-dentures.

A partial-denture is a natural looking removable dental appliance that helps in restoring function and the form of the jaw by replacing missing teeth. These dentures are made from metals as well as acrylic so has to give strength chewing, speaking as well as having a natural look.

Eating and Speaking

eating with dentures

After replacing your missing teeth, eating is easier than you may think. However to adapt using the partial dentures you need to do some practice. Here are some of the things that will help you.
• Before rushing too hard food, eat soft and small cut pieces of food so as to slowly adapt.
• When chewing, chew with both sides of the mouth thus keeping the pressure even.
• During your first days avoid hard as well as very sticky food, and completely avoiding chewing gum.
Wearing the removable partial denture is more recommendable when you have missing teeth since it enables more clearly speaking. In case you get that some words are hard to say, practice in front of your mirror to gain perfection.

Maintaining Removable Partial Denture


• Just like natural teeth, you need to take care of the partial denture. Here are the tips.
• Every day remove your partial denture out of the mouth and clean food particles.
• Ensure you brush your denture surfaces gently by either a special brush designed for cleaning partial denture or use a toothbrush made of soft bristles.
• Avoid toothpaste since they have some abrasive particles which may affect the denture base as well as teeth.
• Brush your natural teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste.
• Store your partial away from curious children as well as pets.

With the above tips about single tooth denture, you can replace the tooth gap and continue eating and having just natural look like before.
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