Scar Tissue Removal Surgery

What Is Scar Tissue Removal Surgery?

When talking about scars, the terminology used is scar tissue removal surgery. What it means in a plastic surgery that a new surgical procedure is done in an effort to repair excessive scarring that was created during the original procedure. 

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After anyone has any type of injury to the body, a scar is formed. All a scar is the body’s attempt at recreating the soft tissue that was lost or damaged during the injury. Now, most people do not consider surgery an injury, but the body does. Almost anything that can inflict harm on the body can create scar tissue, which in turn creates a scar. Sometimes these scars can be unsightly while other time it may not be noticeable at all. 

In order to repair an unsightly scar, plastic surgery operation known as a scar revision is performed. In basic concept, when you think of a revision, you think of a book being revised and made more up to date. Having a revision to a scar is the same concept, you are revising it in an attempt to fix any issues. 

There are many different ways of revising scars, just as many ways as there are types of scars. From a full revision where the place of the scar is actually cut back open, the unsightly scar tissue is removed, and the incision is stitched back up. Your doctor may even freeze the high, hard and rough parts of the scar to remove them. You may even have a laser taken to your skin in order to burn off the high spot. 

Scar Tissue Removal Surgery

Although a scar tissue removal surgery cannot get rid of a scar completely as it is the body’s way of repairing itself, the revision in most cases can make the scar smaller. Sometimes the scar can be corrected so well that it is not noticeable to the untrained eye. 

Any type of surgery that is done in an attempt to revise a scar is, in fact, plastic surgery. So if your question is how plastic surgery can help, then the answer is that it can help it to almost disappear. Sometimes to the point that it will look as if the scar never existed.

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