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Remedies For Bleeding Tooth Cavity

Some of the reasons for bleeding tooth cavities could be gingivitis, diabetes, periodontitis, leukemia or vitamin deficiency. Brushing the teeth vigorously or with hard toothbrushes could cause bleeding too. Wrong fitting of dentures is also responsible for bleeding tooth cavities.

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Weak cavities become infected and swollen, home remedyand blood is passed out while spitting or brushing. Eating or biting any hard fruit or vegetable causes the tooth cavities to bleed even more. However, some simple home remedies for bleeding can be followed to prevent the problem from getting worse. It is a good habit to brush after every meal. It keeps one’s oral hygiene intact, thus lessening the chances of any food decay.

Extra calcium should be taken either in the form of foods like milk and milk products or in the form of tablets. Adding tea tree oil to the toothbrush at the time of brushing the teeth also proves useful. The cavities can be massaged with aloe 2-3 times a day. This strengthens the cavities and reduces bleeding. Aerated drinks and sugar harm the teeth, so food products containing sugar should be strictly avoided. A little hydrogen peroxide can be added to water, and the mouth can be gargled with it. This cleans the teeth of all bacteria and helps control bleeding.

home remedy for tooth cavityCitrus foods containing Vitamin C, like oranges and lemons should be consumed, as these strengthen the tooth cavities. Vitamin C tablets are also available in the market and taste good. Alcohol and smoking should be strictly avoided as these gradually cause the teeth to decay and turn pale in color, and also result in swelling and bleeding of the cavities. Rubbing clove oil on the cavities strengthens them, thus stopping the bleeding. This is the easiest and safest of all home remedies for bleeding tooth cavity.

White flour and junk foods should be kept at a distance, as they could be one of the major reasons for unhealthy teeth. A little salt can be mixed in lukewarm water and a saline solution can be prepared. The mouth can be rinsed 2-3 times a day with it to get relief. This is the most economical of all home remedies for bleeding cavities. A little salt can be added to mustard oil too, and it can be massaged on the gums in a circular motion with fingers. This strengthens the tooth cavities and stops the bleeding.

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