Painful Lump Under Breast Bra Line

Painful Lump Under Breast Bra Line

Whether it’s caused by a tight-fitting bra, hormonal changes or cysts, a painful lump under breast bra line can be both uncomfortable as well as restrictive. Some women are uncomfortable with the body parts that they have. With today’s technology, you can undergo surgery to change the body part that you’re not contented with. Most women are not contented with the shape and size of their breast.

Here are some home remedies that will help to suppress the pain and swelling:     

1. Massage the area

Try massaging the area gently while you’re in the shower as well as when you’re oiling yourself up. This will help to improve blood circulation and reduce the swelling.     

2. Use heat and cold compress


You could try applying heat and cold interchangeably to the area. Get two towels and wrap ice cubes in one of them while dipping the other one in hot water. Place the towel containing the ice cubes on the area for about five minutes then switch it with the one dipped in hot water. You should experience significant pain relief after about 45 minutes of doing this.     

3. Wear the right fitting bra

Breast swellingMost lingerie stores offer a free bra measurement so take advantage of that chance to avoid buying a bra that’s too tight. Wearing the right fitting bra will offer some support to your breast without pressing too tight on the skin. Consider sleeping bra-less to avoiding putting too much stress to the painful area.     

4. Purchase some over the counter pain medication.

You should first seek your doctor’s approval before heading over to the pharmacy. Your doctor may recommend some anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen.   

5. Avoid caffeine

This may seem like a buzzkill for anyone who enjoys a good hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, but wait a minute, you don’t have to ditch your favorite morning drink just yet. All you have to do is switch them up with decaffeinated coffee or tea. This is because some studies have associated intake of caffeinated drink to alleviated cyclic breast pain. On the same note, you might also want to stay away from chocolate as they have also been linked to breast pain.    

Thanks to the above home remedies, you won’t have to deal with the discomfort any longer!

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