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Myths About Floss Or Brush First

Flossing is a very important method to maintain oral hygiene, but for some reason, most people do not seem to find the extra minute needed to do so. Many of us have preconceived ideas about flossing that are generally unfounded. Here is a list of some of these myths about floss or brush first.

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floss1. Floss if you have food trapped between my teeth

Many people tend to think that the reason for flossing is exclusively to remove food from the teeth. While this is true in the sense that dental floss eliminates food, the main objective is to eliminate the buildup of plaque (bacteria) between the teeth and under the gums. Because these areas are impossible to reach with a toothbrush, we have to floss.

2. Brushing your teeth several times a day, so you don’t need to floss

Many people believe that brushing their teeth for a long period of time will overcompensate for not flossing. However, this is false, since only flossing can reach the inaccessible cracks between the teeth and under the gums. No matter how long or hard you brush, you have to floss if you want to take care of your teeth. In fact, excessive brushing can cause recession and sensitivity of the gums.

3. Teeth being too tight to floss

Unless your teeth are attached or have bridges, there is dental floss that will allow you to access the narrow areas. Most people’s back teeth are tighter and these are the areas where food and bacteria accumulate the most, so they are the most important to flossing. There are several types of floss available; You may have to try 3 or 4 before finding one that suits you. There are silk ribbons, slip yarns and small pre-punched tips to help silk work properly.

4. Mouthwash is as good as flossing. The plate can only be removed manually by brushing and flossing.

Mouthwash can not dissolve the entire plaque and tartar that adheres to the teeth and gums. A common problem that people tend to forget about oral hygiene is bad breath. We believe that brushing and mouthwash are the only ways to eliminate bad breath, but in fact, the use of dental floss also helps. The plaque is composed of microscopic bacteria that cause bad breath and flossing eliminates that bacteria

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