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Missing Teeth: Best Four Replacements

Why do you need to replace your missing teeth? Is it essential? A missing tooth can influence your teeth alignment. What about if you have multiple missing teeth? You can visit this dentist that offers dental implants in Pyrmont. In any case, let’s find out in this article the consequence of missing teeth and the possible treatment for this dental issue.


An Impact of Missing Teeth

The dentist explains the different treatments for missing teeth.

Sometimes, a missing tooth might cause little to no impact at all. Depending on the area, a missing tooth may not be noticeable in the mouth. This condition is common if you have a missing tooth in the side or back of your mouth.
However, your teeth are intended to work together, so missing at least one tooth can sometimes affect your eating ability and speech and, over time, cause other issues.
If it gets more difficult or uncomfortable to bite your food, it might prompt only eating on one side of your mouth or eating at a much slower speed. That can influence your jaw and facial muscles, causing your mouth to shift and changing your face’s shape.
Missing teeth can also change the alignment of your teeth. And this condition can cause other concerns like tooth grinding, tooth sensitivity, and difficulty chewing.
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Four Dental Treatments for Missing Teeth

Many reasons can cause a missing tooth. Mint Dental Care team lists a few: tooth decay, gum disease, or a genetic condition. Regardless of the underlying cause, here are a few options to replace missing teeth:


Dental implants

When you miss a tooth or replace missing teeth, dental implants are one of the top options. This method includes surgically placing a titanium metal post into your lower or upper jaw. After that, a dentist will put a replacement tooth to the implant, allowing the tooth to stay in place.

Though the cost will differ depending on numerous factors, the average estimated cost of a single dental implant goes from $3,000–$6,000.



  • The most significant benefit of dental implants is that the replacement tooth takes after a natural tooth and can continue for decades.
  • Another benefit is that nearby teeth are safe and will remain untouchable, so the rest of your teeth should stay complete.



  • This treatment is a surgery, so you will have to be in good physical health for the procedure and recovery. Besides, the recovery time can take quite a lot of months.
  • Your dentist will not put the substitution tooth until the dental implant fully heals.
  • Dental implants tend to be costlier than other replacement choices for a missing tooth. Some insurances might include the method. However, you may be liable for deductibles and co-pays.


Implant-Supported Bridge

This treatment is one of the best solutions for numerous missing teeth in a row. The procedure of replacing every tooth with a dental implant can be exceptionally extensive and superfluous. With an implant-supported bridge, the dentist will secure in place with implants the teeth at the two ends. The teeth in between will remain in place without any screwing.



  • It Will give a natural look
  • An affordable decision for replacing several missing teeth in a row
  • The bridge is similarly as compelling as a dental implant



  • An implant-supported bridge can only be applied under particular conditions when there are several missing teeth in a row.
  • The placement requires several visits to the dentist.
  • This treatment is not a permanent arrangement, and the bridges need to be replaced.


Fixed Dental Bridge

If a dental implant is not in your interest, check whether you are a good candidate for a fixed dental bridge. This tooth substitution alternative may be compelling if you have a missing tooth or teeth in a similar area.The dentist shows the result to his patient.

A fixed dental bridge bridges a gap caused by a missing tooth with an artificial tooth. The dentist will attach the prosthetic to adjacent teeth and will bond in place with dental cement.



  • This treatment feels and looks like natural teeth. You may notice a fixed bridge can improve your natural teeth’ presence on either side of the space.
  • Typically, less expensive than dental implant surgery.



  • It can be hard to clean around the tooth under the bridge.
  • Bridges include changing existing teeth. Likewise, an inadequately fitted bridge could slowly harm connecting teeth after some time.
  • Furthermore, plaque and bacteria could leak under the bridge, resulting in an infection or tooth decay.


Removable Partial Dentures

Your dentist may recommend complete dentures once you need to change all of your teeth. However, if you want to replace a portion of your teeth, you may be a candidate for a removable partial denture.

This dental device comprises replacement teeth combined with a natural-looking pink base. Your regular teeth stabilize and support the removable plastic base in place, though some false teeth have a clasp that connects to regular teeth. The base will match the shade of your gums, and the teeth will coordinate to the natural color of regular teeth. This type of dentures may be an alternative if you want to replace several teeth in a single piece of your mouth. Check this link if you need more information about dentures.

You can contact your insurance provider to know if this treatment is covered in the plan. Even though cost changes, estimated expense ranges from $1,500–$3,000, depending on the area.



  • They feel and look natural in the mouth.
  • Also, less expensive and simpler to fix and replace compared to other tooth replacement choices.



  • Some individuals may find partial dentures uncomfortable, at least until they conform to using them.
  • This treatment needs to be removed and cleaned each day, and you will also take them out before bed. This continuous care can make them more prone to damage.


These treatment options for replacing missing teeth are beneficial for your condition. Make an appointment with your dentist to know more about your preferred technique. You can contact Maroondah Dental Care’s clinic in Croydon today.

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