pressing a piece of gauze on the gum is the first step of how to stop bleeding after tooth extraction

How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction

Bleeding after tooth extraction is a normal condition. You shouldn’t be scared to see this blood. Our body takes 8 minutes to stop any type of bleeding. But, in the case of tooth extraction, the scenario is different. Keep in mind that after a tooth removal you might need tooth implants or dentures.
After pulling the tooth the gum area is suddenly exposed. The blood veins under the tooth take time to clot. When the blood oozes out from the root of the tooth you should follow some instructions to stop this bleeding.

How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction:
1. The Place should be cooled: Cooling the place is really necessary to stop the blood. Ice bags can be used to cool the place. If blood flow continues , ice cream can be eaten slowly. The target area should be the empty gum area. After pulling the tooth the area gets heated. Cooling the place help the veins to clot the blood in that section.

2. Keeping the gauze fixed: When your tooth will be pulled out, your doctor will place a gauze on that place. The purpose of that gauze, is to stop the bleeding. However, the gauze will be soaked with blood and a new gauze will be placed there. Now your duty is to keep the gauge on that place. You shouldn’t apply too much force to keep the gauze on that place. With time the blood flowing will be stopped. 3. Stitches This is a painful process but it is really an effective process. If the blood flow doesn’t stop two or three stitches on that place can stop the bleeding. Before the stitches your doctor will give you anesthesia . So, you wont feel any pain. After pulling the tooth liquid foods should be eaten. At least for 24 hours you shouldn’t disturb the place.

If you have any disease like high blood sugar or deficiency of vitamin-k , you should definitely consult your doctor before pulling the tooth.

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