Home Remedy For Chest Congestion

Home Remedy For Chest Congestion

Most research carried out indicate that individuals who suffer from cold together with a flu and dry cough are potential victims of chest congestion. It became very difficult for this patients to breathe normally due to formations of excess mucus in their lungs. You may consider visiting doctor for medication, but you can also cure this problem with home treatments. Try some of this home remedy for chest congestion.

You just need to boil water until it bypasses the boiling point. At this point, you will then need to inhale the steam coming out of it for approximately 10 or 15 minutes. This will help to make the mucus available in your respiratory tract to become loose. This will enable the mucus to drain out faster. 

Consider taking a shower or a hot bath

Patients who have had chest congestion had been subjected to some test, and they were allowed to take a hot bath. After bathing, their result was impressive as there was no more chest congestion. As the hot water runs through your body, mucus in the respiratory tract also get loose. 

Eucalyptus oils

Patients with acute bronchitis have been able to heal after using this oil. As a directive measure, you only need to include three to four drops of this oil into the water that will make your steam. The moment you inhale the steam, the oil will speed up the healing of sores on your throat.  


This is a natural ingredient that has a great impact on the healing of common infections in our body. It’s preferred as the best home remedy for chest congestion especially when the condition is worse. For you to use it as a cure, you will need hot water, tea leaves and then add about two pieces of ginger. Brew it as if it is your normal breakfast tea and then drink the solution. 

Home Remedy For Chest Congestion

Include spicy food in your diet

This may sound funny for some of us who are not friends of spices like black pepper, jalapeños or chili. But believe me, this spices will help to lose the mucus stuck in your chest and let you walk a free person.

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