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First Aid for Tooth Cavity Pain

It seems with all the good or bad things that they tend to occur at most inappropriate times. This is no more honest than tooth cavity. The pain of the appeal wakes you up at midnight or starts on weekends, even when talking to your dental specialist may be impossible. What causes this type of pain? Dental caries is the main cause of dental pain in almost every person.

The following is the first aid for tooth cavity before visiting your Southern Smiles dentist in Miranda, NSW.

  1.  If the pain worsens or is caused by something caught between the teeth, try cleaning the thread. Note the alert here although the surrounding tissue may be inflamed and make sure the thread is gently present. Try using the thread to remove what can be detected without removing the padding or injury to the surrounding gum line.ibufrofen
  2. Take over pain control. Ibuprofen has the added advantage of being anti-inflammatory. Be sure to do this and follow the package directions carefully to avoid accidentally increasing the dose. Do not take painkillers taken by another person while this may be tempting to relieve tooth pain and this can lead to many other complications. Do not place aspirin or other housing directly against your gums, as it may burn gum tissue.
  3. Place a disinfectant containing benzocaine. This is directly wiped on the teeth and irritated gums. Many patients report great satisfaction with the use of these types of products. Can be purchased at all grocery or drug stores. Direct application of clove oil may also help.
  4. If the pain is severe or swollen by ice, it may help. An ice bag can be placed on the outside of the face or some patients may find comfort that holds an ice chip next to the tooth or gums. This method does not work with everyone because some people find that they have increased the sensitivity of the cold in their teeth when there is a toothache.

As with any emergency, it is good to have a plan for what to do and how to treat tooth cavity pain when it happens. Getting some basic information about first aid can help you find some comfort from dental pain or help someone within hours or even days so your Emergency Dentist Adelaide Dr can see you.

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