First Aid Procedures For Dental Emergencies

First Aid Procedures For Dental Emergencies

How do you know if your dental problem is an emergency?

Any dental issue that requires urgent attention to reduce the pain, bleeding or possibly save the tooth is categorized as a dental Emergency. Before you head out to the dentists for emergency dental services though, there are a few basic first aid procedures you should apply, to reduce the pain and to help reduce the risk of further damage to the tooth and the surrounding tissues. You can also visit Dental 266 in Burwood today if you need emergency dental procedures.

The most ordinary dental emergencies and the first aid procedures that can help reduce the associated pain and discomfort are:

  • A knocked-out tooth from trauma: the first thing To would be to stop the bleeding using ice –cold water. You should also try to save the tooth by storing it somewhere moist  (like the inside of your Cheeks) so your dentist can reattach it. Take over the counter pain medications to relieve the pain and head to the dentist’s office loose tooth in an adultimmediately.
  • Tooth abscess from an infected tooth: The wisest the course of action would have been not to wait until the tooth decay degenerates to this point as the possibility of losing the tooth is higher, the more severe The decline becomes. In situations like this, it is imperative you get to the dentist’s office immediately, no matter what time of the day it is.
  • The loose tooth in an adult: it is not a normal occurrence for an adult to have loose teeth whether or not it is associated with pain or bleeding.
  • Cracked or broken tooth: Take over the counter pain medications to relieve the pain and discomfort and try to get to your dentists as soon as possible.
  • Broken or painful jaw: broken jaw from a trauma or painfully infected jaw is a serious dental emergency that requires the Immediate attention of a dentist. To alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling, you can apply an ice pack to your jaw as you head out to see the dentist.
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