first aid for nose bleeding

First Aid For Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding occurs when blood flows from one or both nostrils. This happens when the capillaries in the nasal cavity rapture. Most of the time, nosebleeds are just a nuisance; not a sign of an underlying medical problem. That said, when they happen, you need to stop the bleeding immediately. Visit to know tips on what to do when your nose is bleeding and other tips on taking good care of yourself.

Stopping a nose bleed  

The following are the steps for first aid for nose bleeding:  

Sit up firmly and slightly lean forward. Be careful not tilt your head backward or lie down. Using your thumb and index finger, pinch your nose firmly against your face. Make sure to pinch the nose right below the nasal bone. Apply the pressure for five minutes before releasing. If the bleeding continues, repeat the process.  

When to seek medical attention  

You should visit the emergency room if:  

first aid for nose bleeding

The nose bleed does not stop after 10 minutes of home first aid. The nose bleed was as a result of a blow to the face or head injury. There is so much blood that it is difficult to breathe. You have a bleeding disorder, or you use blood thinners such as warfarin and rivaroxaban.   

When you visit the hospital, the first thing the doctor from Rhinoplasty Sydney Cost does is stop the bleeding. They may insert a specialized cotton material or a balloon in your nasal cavity. For severe bleeding, they use a special electrical device to cauterize the blood capillaries in your nose.   

After the bleeding stops, you doctor might conduct tests and exams to determine if the bleeding was caused by an underlying problem.   

Preventing rebleeding  

There’s a high chance of rebleeding if you are not careful. Applying a small amount of petroleum jelly in your nasal cavity helps. Also, for several hours after the nose bleeding episode:  

Avoid blowing or picking your nose.

Keep your head at a higher level than your heart to reduce pressure in the blood vessels in your nose.

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