First Aid For Chemical Burn

Accidents happen, and we cannot predict when or how it will transpire. It’s better safe than sorry. So, especially, but not only limited to those who are exposed to chemicals every day, it would be smart to know the first aid for chemical burns.

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Call the nearest doctor, specially if you are not familiar with the chemical that caused the burn.

  • Assess the situation and here are some guidelines that callingyour doctor is a must.
  • The burn is deep that it’s beyond the first layer of the skin.
  • Check the size of the burn. If it’s more than 8 centimeters or about 3 inches wide, give your nearest doctor a call.
  • If the burn is all around a major joint, hands, feet, groin, buttocks or face, call your doctor.

It will really help if you know the name of the chemical that caused the burn. Look around for the container and if possible bring that to the emergency room so that the doctors would have more information regarding the chemical that caused the burn.

While waiting for help to arrive, you may do the following to help make the situation not as worse as it is.

  • chemical burnGet rid of the chemical that caused the burn from the victim’s body or the burnt area. You can do this by running the skin with cool water for not less than 10 minutes. If the chemical is dry, safely remove it by not using your bare hand to remove or brush off the residue.
  • Take off clothes and accessories like jewelry that has been exposed to the chemical.
  • Loosely wrap the burned skin with a clean gauze bandage. Do not use cotton with loose fibers and avoid putting stress or weight into the affected area.
  • If the burning intensifies, there might still be remnants of the chemical. Put the burnt area of the skin under cool running water for several more minutes.

Hopefully, help has arrived by then and make sure to provide as much information as necessary and as possible.

Learn from the experience and take note of precautionary measures to prevent this from happening again.

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