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First Aid For A Broken Tooth Case

A broken tooth can happen to anyone at any stage of life. This can happen accidentally due to a fall or if anything hits the tooth. Even biting hard things can break a tooth. In the case of a broken tooth, you can take an emergency visit to get treatment from the dentist. But if your tooth is broken, it should be treated immediately. However, you can give first aid for broken tooth to prevent extreme damage.

Besides the obvious downsides to your smile, missing teeth and broken tooth can have severe negative impacts on your overall health. To know more some flu remedies, we recommend you to visit our website.

Here are some tips on first aid for a broken tooth case

broken teethKeep pieces of the broken teeth

The good news is that if the break is clean, your tooth can be temporarily fixed. Therefore, try to keep the tooth fragments. Keep pieces in a container with a little saline or milk.

Rinse with warm water

If your tooth is completely broken or knocked out from roots, hold the top and rinse it with lukewarm water. Most importantly, avoid touching the roots or try to scrape them to remove the dust. The dentist can re-implant the broken tooth into the socket.

First aid

If bleeding occurs in the affected area, rinse the mouth with cold water. Place a piece of tissue or cotton swab and press to stop bleeding. Cold compresses can relieve pain and swelling.

In adults:

If possible, try putting the broken tooth off again (gently pressing it into the socket) and go to the dentist immediately.

Bite on a piece of clean cloth/gauze to keep the broken tooth in place, if possible.

You can also use lips and tongue to keep the broken tooth in place.

DO NOT push the broken tooth into position if it does not remain in place (especially on the upper jaw)

In children or infants:

DO NOT put it back or put the tooth back in again. However, take your child to the dentist as soon as possible.

If you break a permanent tooth in an older child, try putting it back in its place.

Ask the child to bite a piece of the folded cloth to keep the tooth in the socket.

It is important to ensure that the tooth is not accidentally swallowed.

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