tool for emergency tooth removal

In need of an emergency tooth removal

Sometimes things can happen out of the blue, especially your teeth. Though adult teeth are supposed to last forever, accidents can occur and your teeth might end up broken and severely damaged, in need of repair. Some teeth can be repaired simply with fillings or root canal treatment but if the damage is severe you will need professional help in order to perform an emergency tooth removal. Many clinics offer emergency dental services like this one With that in mind, book an appointment with your local dentist as soon as possible.

There are many causes that would need a tooth removal, such as:

•Root fractures

•Gum disease

•Severe tooth decay

Broken/chipped tooth

There are a few indicators that ring a bell that you might need to have a tooth extraction such as extreme tooth sensitivity, gum pain, bad mouth taste, loose teeth.

The procedure of emergency tooth removal varies on a case by case basis. Depending on the status, location and severity of the damage, your dentist will decide what to do.
woman in dentist for emergency tooth extraction
Usually an x ray is taken in order to take account of what kind of method to proceed with. After this, it’s recommended to be sedated with some anaesthetic to reduce any pain during the procedure. Anaesthesia will make your mouth feel numb but it will help ease the pain from the procedure you’re going under. It’s advised to bring someone to help you drive you back to your home safely. After the surgery is done, usually the Bundaberg dentist at Harris Dental Boutique clinic will give you some advice on some home treatment in order to help your mouth fully recover. There might be a slight discomfort but this can easily be solved by taking some ibuprofen and applying ice pack to the outside of your mouth. It’s recommended not to eat any hard food as this could hurt the gums. The whole healing process takes around a week but if the numbness from the anaesthesia hasn’t disappeared after 24 hours, then you might consider on contacting your local dentist.

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