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Simple Dry Mouth Home Remedies

Dry mouth causes a lot of discomfort, it occurs when the mouth or throat is dry. A major cause of this is dehydration in the body, most people struggle with this condition without knowing that it can be treated easily and economically from home. Below is a list of home remedies to help you treat dry mouth as per advise by a home doctor in Perth.

Drinking Enough Water

drinking water

It is advisable for a normal human being to drink at least two litres per day. This ensures you body is well hydrated and goes a long way in preventing your mouth from drying. Besides that water also encourages good oral hygiene and helps to prevent bad breath too.


Honey has been used to treat a lot of different ailments for a long time. Honey helps to sooth a dry throat and trigger execration of saliva in the mouth.

Honey can be mixed with warm water and drank, this can be repeated daily for long term prevention of drying of the mouth.

Salty Water

This is another simple and economical home remedy to treat dry mouth. Salt is mixed with warm water and gargled in the mouth. The salty water should be spit out and not swallowed.

Salty water helps trigger secretion on saliva in the mouth. It also helps killing germs fond in the mouth and prevent bad breath.


Just like honey lemons to have a lot of health benefits to the body. Juice from a lemon can be squeezed, mixed with warm water and honey and drank to cure dry mouth. However it can also be eaten raw, lemon stimulates excretion of saliva in the mouth helping to reduce drying of the mouth. Lemon also promotes mouth hygiene.


Ginger is very effective in treating dry mouth, it helps in stimulate saliva in the mouth and leaves your mouth fresh and minty. Ginger is mixed with warm water and drink directly.


The above remedies are simple and easy to make from home. Besides treating dry mouth they are very beneficial to and helps in improving the health of the body in general.

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