Can You Use A Denture Repair Kit At Home

Can You Use A Denture Repair Kit At Home?

Sometimes people have accidents or injuries with their dental appliances. It may be an emergency, but a few individuals won’t spend money even for a damaged denture. Is it wise to use a denture repair kit like Dentemp to glue a broken denture together? You may find yourself paying for more if you don’t go to a prosthesis specialist like a denturist. Custom Denture Clinic in Sunshine Coast is specialized in dentures repair and has given some information below. Going to a professional denture repair specialist can save you tons of money and provide you with a better look for your broken dentures.  


What Is A Denture Repair Kit?

Denture repair kits are available in online markets, drugstores, and pharmacies. They intend to be a cheaper alternative of professional materials like adhesives and glue for a denture. Dentistry experts don’t advise their patients to use a DIY denture repair kit due to its many complications. Besides, a botched denture can lead to higher expenses as an at-home repair doesn’t completely repair a denture. Most adhesives contain toxic chemicals like acetic and formaldehyde that can destroy the polymethyl methacrylate plastic. Moreover, it may burn the mouth of the patient and may cause more broken and cracked teeth. 


The Benefits Of Going To A Professional Denturist

Have you tried looking at your denture and see how complex it seems? Any chip or damage that can crack your dentures isn’t just repairable with a glue. A dental laboratory technician like a denturist will check its original mold shape. Some cases may need to have additional materials like acrylic, metal, or resin depending on the denture. So, it may seem like an easy practice, but you can see more benefits of going to a professional denture repair dentist instead of using a do it yourself repair kit. 


Better Denture Repair Results

Uncomfortable dentures are the least on your list to experience after using a temporary kit to replace your missing teeth. However, a partial repair with a kit like Dentemp from online markets like eBay, Amazon, or even Walmart can’t fix a loose and broken denture. You can see the difference of repairs that a lab expert does when fitting your denture beside your teeth.  


Will Save Your Oral Health

To mend a smile, patients must follow the instructions of a dentist instead of having a quick remedy. If you rely on a repair kit like Dentemp and not reading reviews or checking if it’s safe, your tooth can have further concerns. You don’t want cavities to grow on your tooth due to a repair kit. 


Less Cost

Denture Repair Kit

Since a patient may find themselves thinking that a DIY denture repair kit costs less, the risks of DIY denture repair kits can be a shock. Some people that wear a denture with unprofessional adhesive may have more cracks and broken alternative tooth appliance. Ultimately, if the technician can’t save the previous prosthesis, you may need to pay for a new denture. Hence, it may be best to go to a dental laboratory or a prosthesis specialist for repairs similar to broken teeth for a fix.  


How Do You Take Care Of Dentures?

Since it is inevitable for older adults or seniors to drop their dentures on the floor or put it somewhere unsafe, another family member can take care of the dentures. It is essential always to put dentures or any removable prosthesis or orthodontic appliance on a tray. Moreover, when brushing, don’t apply greater force or pressure. 

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