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Broken Nose First Aid

Broken nose causes nose bleeding where one must take broken nose first aid to avoid blood loss. The nose contains plenty of blood to help warm and moisten the air during breathing. This function is important because it helps to protect our respiratory system. However, this universal blood makes our nose weak. Below is broken nose first aid treatment.

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Ask the person to tilt his head forward and pinch the soft part of his nose for ten minutes. Encourage them not to choose their noses or sniff. Ask them to breathe through their mouths.

nose bleeding10 minutes after releasing the pressure and see if the bleeding has stopped. If it does not, reapply the compression. You can also try putting something wonderful on the nose (such as ice bag etc.) to encourage the blood vessels to contract.

Once the bleeding has stopped, clean any blood around the face/mouth. Tell the person not to sneeze or sneeze on his nose or sniff him for several hours as this may lead to bleeding again. It may be very difficult to make the baby sit still and hold his nose for 10 minutes. In some cases, you may have to hold their nose for them.

If bleeding does not stop, ask for medical advice. In some cases, health care personnel may have to “pack” the nose with dressing or liver vessels that are responsible for stopping the bleeding. These are simple procedures, but must be done by a healthcare professional. In addition, if the cause of nasal bleeding is unclear or it is repeated you should also ask for advice with the surgeon at AU Rhinoplasty Sydney clinic.

Bleeding of the nose after a serious head injury can be a sign of a more serious underlying problem, so you should seek urgent medical help. A common misconception with nasal bleeding is that you should tilt your head back. This is not recommended because blood will travel to your mouth and stomach, which makes you feel nauseous.

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