Breast swelling

What to Know About Breast Swelling

The female breast anatomy is a little complicated. Most of the female breast is made by fat cells. These cells together are called adipose tissue. Imagine if you are painting the muscle of the breast from the center of the ribcage to the underarm that is adipose tissue. Its function is to be the storage of fat. Know more about the functions of the breast by visiting breast specialists in Perth clinic.

Breast swelling comes as a result of changes made in your breast tissue. Its symptoms can be different:

1. Soreness

2. Tenderness

3. Heavy breasts

4. Discomfort

5. The skin texture of the breast changes.

Commonly it is not something you will have to worry, but sometimes it also could be the pre-phase of breast cancer

What are the causes?

Because of the breasts complicated build the variety of what can cause swelling can range from common to very concerning.  One of the most common causes is a premenstrual syndrome. The increase of estrogen before a female starts her periods can be a cause, and also the water retention since during the period other parts of the breast can enlarge too.  As we mentioned above, it can also be concerning, since it can lead or indicate breast cancer. Cancer makes your breasts enlarge because it blocks lymph vessels. 

Other causes of the swelling can be:

a. Types of food, or liquids. Caffeine and salt can be a cause

b. Pills that control estrogen

c. Pregnancy 

d. Post pregnancy changes

e. When breastfeeding your milk ducts can get infection

It is common for your breasts to swell depending from their causes, but what causes sometimes it can be concerning, you will know when it concerns because will make you uncomfortable and also if you experience pain than it is time for a visit to your doctor. 

Breast swelling


Treatment of the swelling it dependable on the cause of it. Your doctor will make a treatment plan for you to follow. It can be birth control pills if the cause is just hormonal changes, but can also be more if the cause could be serious.

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