Breast Hypertrophy

Knowing What Causes Breast Hypertrophy

There are various causes of breast hypertrophy which include overproduction of estrogens, patients’ genetics and being overweight. The weight of the breasts is the major consequence of hypertrophy; others are pain in the upper back, shoulders, neck, poor posture.

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Many women with breast hypertrophy often experience some discomforts associated with headaches, rashes or even ulcers developing under the breasts. This makes lots of women to experience embarrassment by their body and their breasts.

Women who are overweight tend to experience hypertrophy. It is more common in overweight women, but in obese patients, the risk of complications in BMI is about three times higher, and in obese patients, the risk of complications is about 12 times higher. Because of this, women are often advised to lose weight before the overgrowth of the breast.

There are several important differences in the treatment of hypertrophy in children and adolescents. First of all, although breast reduction is very effective in relieving symptoms and improving the quality of life in surgeries until the end of breastfeeding, it involves the risk of a breast enlargement after surgery, returning symptoms and inadequate treatment,

Breast HypertrophyLikewise, the size and weight of the breast depending on the total body weight, so that any weight gain after surgery can increase the size of the breast and the troublesome recurrence of symptoms. It is also important to remember that breasts usually develop during pregnancy, and patients undergoing prenatal surgery know that additional symptoms may occur in their lives after this stage and may be necessary for future operations in the future.

There is no specific laboratory examination of hypertrophy, and the majority of women makes the diagnosis and confirmed by clinical evaluation. In the case of chest hypertrophy, there are no specific laboratory tests, and most women are diagnosed and looking for a doctor for evaluation. Breast size and weight are key factors in deciding whether a person needs surgery or requires treatment.

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