4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms To Know

Whether a woman is trying to get pregnant or not, she should know the various common four weeks pregnant symptoms. Some pre-menstrual discomforts are almost identical to the common signs of pregnancy. A woman who is trying to get pregnant can get disappointed after realizing that she’s only experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms. On the other hand, a woman who has no plans yet of getting pregnant just might be surprised after realizing that she’s going through the pregnancy symptoms, which she thought were pre-menstrual symptoms.  Book an appointment now to ask your doctor if what you are experiencing is because you are pregnant.

The following are the most common symptoms that women should know after four weeks: 

Missed Period

This’s the most common symptom of pregnancy. When women experience this symptom, they are most likely to see if other symptoms of pregnancy are present, as well. Some women also experience a lighter menstruation period. 

Breast Tenderness

Women who are pregnant will also feel breast tenderness even after a few weeks of being pregnant. Once you are pregnant, your body starts to prepare your breasts for milk production and breastfeeding. Women often notice this symptom when taking a shower and when going to sleep. You will also feel your nipples to be more sensitive than usual.  

Frequent Urination

This is another common sign of pregnancy. When you happen to notice yourself going to the restroom more frequently thanusual, you might be conceiving. The frequent visits to the restroom are causedby the extra body fluids that your kidneys and bladder produce when pregnant. 

Morning Sickness

This’s a very popular pregnancy symptom among women. When you are pregnant, your body reacts to a lot of things around you. These things include the food you eat and the smell of the food. Morning sickness happens when the food you usually eat does not fit well to your stomach. The smell of your favorite drink may become unbearable for you when you get pregnant. 

Food Cravings

A woman who gets pregnant also has the tendency to love eating a certain type of food. You will always crave for this food any time of the day. You will experience food cravings from the start of your pregnancy until you give birth. 

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

These 4 weeks pregnant symptoms are not always the same for every woman. Sometimes, a woman does not experience the same symptoms of pregnancy for each of her pregnancy. Just remember to confirm your condition, whether you are pregnant or not, through pregnancy kits or your doctor.

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