All About Toddler Tooth Injury And Mouthguard

All About Toddler Tooth Injury And Mouthguard

Accidents with toddler happen more often than we would like. In the case of dental injuries, immediate action should be taken. Your initial goal should be to get the child to the dentist in hopes of replanting the tooth, and you have less than an hour to do so. So, you will want to have a strategy in place in case your child’s facial injury and tooth loss.

To handle the situation effectively and efficiently, here are what to follow.

First, ensure that you check to verify that there are no other serious injuries that could be life-threatening. If the impact was strong enough to knock out a tooth, it’s possible that your child could have a severe head injury. Some of the most common signs of a head injury include loss of cToddler Tooth Injuryonsciousness, disturbed vision, nausea, confusion, and unsteady gate.

You should also attempt to stop the bleeding. However, first, you must significantly clean the area to ensure the blood is only coming from the tooth and not some other injury in the mouth. Once you have established this, apply direct pressure to the tooth socket with a clean, moist towel for a few minutes. Do all these as you rush the child to the dentist for further treatment.

There are many devices used to protect a toddler’s teeth, gums and smile. One of these is known as the mouth guard. Mouth guards are usually thought to be worn only by boxers in the ring and football players on the field. Most people may not be aware that these mouthpieces are needed for many other purposes other than boxing and playing competitive football. In fact, without the use of mouth guards, there will be a vast sector of society with much-damaged mouths, indeed. You should also consider buying your kid with a mouthguard to protect him/her while out there. Learn more about toddler tooth injury and mouthguard.

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