blunt force injury

Blunt Force Injury

Blunt force injury refers to the physical injury in any part of the body and that may either be due to bodily attack, by impact or injury. Blunt force injury may be caused by a fist or a hammer and transportation accidents among other possible causes. Blunt force injury defers from penetrating injury in which a specified object like a bullet or a knife is able to enter the body.


If you are a victim of a blunt force injury, the first step that must be undertaken by a qualified physician is to ensure that the injury suffered is not life threatening to you. That’s usually ascertained by observing your airway (Respiratory System), making sure that it functions normally,ensuring that you have trouble-free breathing and that circulation happens as it should, pulses are present. This process is generally termed as A, B and C (Airway, Breathing and of course Circulation).

The resulting step involves looking at the history of the blunt force injury. That may be helped by carrying out a few tests, looking at your medical history and asking family and even friends. Some of the technologies that may be used include DPL (diagnostic peritoneal lavage), laparotomy and CT examination.ct exam

A CT examination has one main advantage in that it would be possible to properly define the injury, proper grading, and hence you will be sure if a surgery is required or not. On the other hand, its disadvantage is that it usually takes more time to be able to obtain the images.

Generally it’s recommended that the time that diagnosis takes should be greatly reduced and the use of proper technology and clinical assessment will go a long way in accelerating the process.

Treatment for Blunt Force Injury

If the injury is serious as established through the diagnostic process then to be able to maintain the normal circulation, blood and/or crystalloid solutions will be administered as is deemed appropriate. Further treatment that may be needed will heavily be influenced by investigations that were earlier carried out and if there was organ damage established or not. Surgery may even be required. With each treatment there will be monitoring and evaluation to know the next step of treatment until you will be able to regain your health.sports mouth guard

In the field of sports, you can also get an injury if you get hit in the mouth or loosing a tooth with a blunt force object while playing. That’s why athletes are considered to wear sports mouth guards to feel self-assured with your teeth will remain protected. To know more information regarding sports mouth guards, just click the link.

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  1. Interesting post. Blunt force is a very serious injury that needs to be informed by many especially to those who don’t have any idea about it. it may save your life if you have some knowledge regarding this.

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